Marie performs with Roxette

Roxette have released a new Greatest Hits and a box to celebrate their 20th anniversary. They have also recorded two new songs for the ocasion: “One Wish” and “Reveal”.
So far, Roxette has made two performances. The first one was last week for “Världens Barn” on Swedish TV4, where they performed “One Wish”.
Yesterday, they performed at the gala to celebrate the magazine Bravo’s 50th Anniversary. They performed “The Look”.
Below you’ll find some links to see the performances as well as some recent pictures of Marie.
“One Wish” @ “Världens Barn” (14-10-2006)
“The Look” @ Bravo Gala (21-10-2006)
Pictures October 2006

Marie performed with Pugh in Stockholm yesterday

Swedish artist Pugh Rogefeldt gave a concert in Tantogården in Stockholm yesterday night and counted with a special guest: Marie Fredriksson, who joined him on stage to sing “Här kommer natten” and “Guldgruva” during the encore. Marie was announced as Sweden’s own Aretha Franklin and the audience welcomed her with standing ovations.
Pugh is one of Marie’s favourite artists and she covered three of his songs in her latest album “Min bäste vän,” including the two she performed with him yesterday.
Sandyam contributed to this article.
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Marie wallpapers on and Små lätta moln video

Micke Bolyos has agreed on having some wallpapers of Marie on, which have been done by the website’s webmaster Pelle Piano. You can download them following the links below.
In the Eye of the Stage I
In the Eye of the Stage II

You can now download “Små lätta moln” video on MP4 format following the link below.
Big thanks to Pelle Piano and Micke Bolyos.
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