Roxette to release album next year

Roxette, formed by Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson, will release a new album, “Charm School”, on February 11, 2011. The first single out of this album will be “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”, which will be released on January 10th.
After the Night of the Proms tour in 2009, Roxette went back to the studio to work on a new album. After a short tour with Roxette this past Summer, which took the band to play live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Russia, the band went back to the studio to finalize the album. A world tour was also announced in November.
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Marie Fredriksson on tour with Roxette at Night of the Proms

Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, or what’s the same, Roxette, are touring with Night of the Proms in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. The tour started in Antwerp on October 23 and will go on until December 2oth in Dortmund.

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Rumour after rumour about Roxette’s comeback; Night of the proms 2009 true?

During the past days, a lot of rumours about Roxette’s comeback have been heard on the Roxette online community, below you’ll find a summary:

– Not a rumour, but already confirmed by Per at Twitter: Roxette albums will be remastered and re-released in Autumn. Open is: which albums are we talking about? Which bonuses?

– Roxette to play at “New Wave” event in Latvia in July from The Daily Roxette. Even though this was reported by an important Latvian newspaper, the management hasn’t confirmed the news yet (but hasn’t denied it either). Wait and see.

– Roxette at Night of the Proms 2009:
Last week some fans from the German forum found a hidden Html code on the NOTP German fanpage which announced Roxette as one of the main acts at NOTP 2009 edition. Tour promoters didn’t confirm this (but didn’t deny it either), since all artists will be announced at a press conference on the 5th of May, 17:00 CET.

TDR User Remco found following text on the NOTP website:

“In the beginning of May we will announce another big artist. I am quite sure that this will be “hot news” for whoever loves true pop music. … We expect ticket sales to go super fast after this announcement”, according to organiser Jan Vereecke.”

Which again, makes everybody think Roxette is one of the artists participating in the event, true pop music…

And then, after I read that there will be a big press conference to announce the artists, I started to think, **IF** Roxette are performing, would they have time to attend the press conference? A quick check at Per Gessle’s current tour plan showed me that he has a show on the day before, May 4th, in London, and on the day after, 6th May, in Amsterdam. The press conference is in Antwerpen, which is not at all far away from these cities, so IF they are part of NOTP attending the press conference shouldn’t be a problem.

– Marie to perform with Per, where?
Per already commented Marie would join him on the stage during the tour. The big question is, where? Most people guessed Stockholm would be the best logical choice. But I started to think, in connection to NOTP press conference and that there seems to be something happening with Roxette this year, that maybe London (or Amsterdam) would also be an option.

These are only speculations on the rumours. There is nothing confirmed, so we’ll have to wait at least until the 5th of May to know what happens with NOTP, and regarding Marie’s performance with Per: just be surprised.

Per Gessle reveals Marie Fredriksson may join him on stage

Per Gessle, who is going on a tour this month with his latest album The Party Crasher, has started to communicate with his fans through Twitter. He has been answering questions from his fans from his @PartyPleaser Twitter account for a couple of days and has revealed some nice information about his tour.

The most interesting piece of information for all Marie and Roxette fans is the fact that Marie and Per have discussed about performing with him on the tour: “Yes, she might pop up somewhere, we’ve talked about it,” Per wrote in his tweet. In addition to that, the two shows in Stockholm on May 9th and 10th will be filmed for a possible live DVD.

Per Gessle talks about Marie and possible Roxette comeback

Per talks in an interview with a Czech website about Roxette, Party Crasher and Marie. He explains how she changed after her illness, but that she has been on stage on a tour last year and again this March, that she enjoys that. He also mentions that, he cannot promise, but he is sure, somewhen next winter or next year, there will be more Roxette.

You can listen to the interview online in English.

Marie performs with Roxette

Roxette have released a new Greatest Hits and a box to celebrate their 20th anniversary. They have also recorded two new songs for the ocasion: “One Wish” and “Reveal”.
So far, Roxette has made two performances. The first one was last week for “Världens Barn” on Swedish TV4, where they performed “One Wish”.
Yesterday, they performed at the gala to celebrate the magazine Bravo’s 50th Anniversary. They performed “The Look”.
Below you’ll find some links to see the performances as well as some recent pictures of Marie.
“One Wish” @ “Världens Barn” (14-10-2006)
“The Look” @ Bravo Gala (21-10-2006)
Pictures October 2006