Mikael Bolyos’ album turns into a real “Family Affair!”

Mikael Bolyos revealed the tracklist of his coming “A Family Affair” album to The Daily Roxette today. The CD, which will be released on June 14, includes a couple of surprises:

1. Merry Go Round
2. On & On & On
3. Me & My Guitar
4. When the Lord is About to Come (duet with Mats Ronander)
5. In the Corner of Your Eye (sung by Marie Fredriksson)
6. Lilly
7. Tell It to My Heart (sung by Marie Fredriksson)
8. You Are On My Mind (sung by Mats Ronander)
9. What Am I Supposed to Do
10. Outro (sung by Marie Fredriksson)
11. Hometown (sung by Marie Fredriksson)

Update May 25: Courtesy of Mikael we are able to stream yet another song from his coming album: “Me & My Guitar”. Enjoy!! (Editor’s note: where has Mikael been all this time??) Update May 28: New pictures of Marie and Mikael can be found in Pelle Piano’s website. Click on “Sista 28” – you’ll see the pictures at the bottom!
Links: Me & My Guitar | Pelle Piano’s Studiobild

Mikael Bolyos’ first single out on April 6

Updated Mikael revealed in an interview with TDR/MF.net last year that he was planning to release his first album in April, on his birthday, and it looks like his dream is now about to come true. The first single, “When the Lord is about to come,” will be released on April 6. The album will be released mid May, “I’m so happy I managed to finish my album on time!” Mikael tells Mariefredriksson.net.
The song is a duet with Mats Ronander, whom you might know as ex-guitarist of ABBA and support act to Per Gessle’s Mazarin tour 2003 or playing the harmonica on some of Marie Fredriksson’s albums. Mats is a blues guy and the ex-hubby of Sanne Salomonsen.
More information about the album will come soon.
Update April 5
Courtesy of Mikael Bolyos, you can now listen to the single one day before the single release following the link below. Mikael revealed that indeed, Marie is singing in the album, which will be available in the usual online music stores such as CDON, Ginza and iTunes.
Links: Mikael Bolyos & Mats Ronander – When The Lord Is About To Come

“Ingen kommer undan politiken” new Marie single

A new 1-track promo single for radio only has been released to promote Marie’s last album “Min bäste vän”.
The song was originally recorded in Swedish by Marie Bergman and the Swedish lyrics are written by Ola Magnell. “I owned the record by Kate and Anna McGarrigle and I was blown away by the way they sang it,” Marie says.
You can see a picture of the cover on The Daily Roxette. Thanks to Thomas!
Links: TDR Article and picture