Per Gessle reveals Marie Fredriksson may join him on stage

Per Gessle, who is going on a tour this month with his latest album The Party Crasher, has started to communicate with his fans through Twitter. He has been answering questions from his fans from his @PartyPleaser Twitter account for a couple of days and has revealed some nice information about his tour.

The most interesting piece of information for all Marie and Roxette fans is the fact that Marie and Per have discussed about performing with him on the tour: “Yes, she might pop up somewhere, we’ve talked about it,” Per wrote in his tweet. In addition to that, the two shows in Stockholm on May 9th and 10th will be filmed for a possible live DVD.

Marie Fredriksson to perform in a gala for the World Childhood Foundation

According to a press release sent out today by the Göteborg Opera, Marie Fredriksson will perform in a gala for the World Childhood Foundation on May 18th.

The foundation was founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden in 1999 and in order to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Göteborg Opera has organised this gala, which will be attended by the Royal Family. Other artists such as Peter Jöback, German violin virtuoso Anne-Sophie Mutter and mezzo-soprano Katarina Karnéus will participate in the gala as well.

World Childhood Foundation’s work is aimed at the most marginalised children. “The goal is to promote the right of every child to its childhood and to work for better living conditions for children in danger. We must fight against the extreme  material, social and emotional poverty in which they livea,” writes H.M. Queen Silvia on the foundation’s homepage. Currently the foundation supports more than 100 projects in 14 countries.

All revenue from the gala will be donated to World Childhood Foundation.

Per Gessle talks about Marie and possible Roxette comeback

Per talks in an interview with a Czech website about Roxette, Party Crasher and Marie. He explains how she changed after her illness, but that she has been on stage on a tour last year and again this March, that she enjoys that. He also mentions that, he cannot promise, but he is sure, somewhen next winter or next year, there will be more Roxette.

You can listen to the interview online in English.

Marie Fredriksson to perform at Café Opera in March

Marie Fredriksson will be one of the artists who will perform in “Still rocking in the free world”,  an event which will take place in Café Opera, Stockholm, on March 12, 2009.

Other artists to perform covers are: Mats Ronander, Anne-Lie Rydé, Niklas Strömstedt and Lasse Lindbom, together with musicians Pelle Alsing, Mats “Gaffa” Karlsson, Patrik Lundström, Hasse Olsson and Mikael Bolyos.

The event starts at 20:00 and costs 450 SEK.  You can find an event entry on Facebook too.

According to Lasse Lindbom, Marie will perform 4 – 5 songs, one of them will be “Jealous guy” by John Lennon. “The others are secret, we don’t want to spoil the fun,” tells Lasse. He also informs there won’t be any Roxette songs.

Marie Fredriksson performed at Gaygala yesterday

Marie Fredriksson performed at QX Gaygala, which took place yesterday at Cirkus. Marie performed “Tro” together with her husband Mikael Bolyos on the piano.

According to Aftonbladet, she got standing ovations from the audience, who already stood up during the performance.

You can watch a short video of the performance on and Aftonbladet WebbTV.

In this R2R topic you’ll find very nice pictures of the performance.

German fan discovers “Där du andas” version in English

This week a German fan discovered that there is an English version of “Där du andas” performed by Marie Fredriksson, which is included in what is thought to be the European or International version of the film (or films) “Arn” the Knight.

It has been reported that the DVD, which can be bought via Amazon already, is a combined version of the two Swedish “Arn” films. The song is included, for now, on a Swedish compilation CD.

I’m trying to get more information about the song, I’ll keep you informed.

Marie Fredriksson: “It’s great being on stage again” had a chance for a brief interview with Marie Fredriksson.

When we ask Marie how she is feeling, Marie responds “I feel great, thanks!” Marie is currently on a break from the “Stjärnklart” tour, after playing five nights in Stockholm, she will play in Malmö tomorrow and until Friday, and in Gothenburg next week. Marie explains how everything started with this show; “They asked me, I thought about it and said yes. It’s been a challenge and a pleasure.” And it surely seems to have been the right decision, as Marie adds, after having more than half of the tour behind her, “It’s great being on stage again.”

Last Saturday, day of one of the shows in Stockholm, was a special day for many. Fans travelled from far outside of Sweden to see Marie live and had the chance to meet Marie. Marie, how did that feel? “It was a lot of fun, especially when someone [note: Rosa Planas from Spain] gave me a really really old record of ‘Strul.’ They were sweet and friendly as always,” says Marie to

As you may know, Marie not only composes music, she is also an artist, and has already had three art exhibitions, the last one in Gothenburg in October, “It was great in Gothenburg, even better than Stockholm.” We wonder if there are any plans for another exhibition, “I paint and I write music whenever I get the feeling, so we’ll see what happens first,” Marie smiles.

As Marie has mentioned often in the past, she takes a step at a time and has no fixed plans for the future. When we ask about more possible shows, or a solo album or with Roxette, she again answers “We’ll see, one step at a time.”

A night to remember with Marie – Stjärnklart review

The “Stjärnklart” tour with Marie Fredriksson started some days ago in Norrköping, moved to Stockholm this week and goes on to Gothemburg and Malmö in December. Yesterday was, however, a very special day for Marie fans and Marie herself.

The evening started with a Meet & Greet with about 30 fans from Spain, Germany, Russia and Argentina. Marie showed up with  Micke and Oskar and greeted and hugged everyone, and signed everything what was to sign. She was very touched when she got to sign “Strul” single.

Marie explained that she might make an art exhibition in Malmö, and Micke that they have some material in Swedish, but don’t know when it will be released.

After about half an hour, everybody headed to their seats, Marie backstage to get ready for the show. The first song she performed was “Ännu doftar kärlek”. “Never loved a man”, which her fans will remember from the Roxette Unplugged, followed. “The Unplugged version sounds bad compared to how she sang tonight,” tells Txiqui. “Så skimrande var aldrig havet” and “Tro” were also performed. Marie got standing ovations in repeated ocasions. “The best was “Så skimrande”, tells Txiqui, “this one started a capella, and got everybody to stand up.”

More pictures can be found following this link.

Per Gessle about Roxette and Marie Fredriksson

Per Gessle talks in an article in Aftonbladet about the future of Roxette. You can find a translation to the article on The Daily Roxette.

In addition, in an interview in Expressen and translated on TDR, Per also listed the best female singers he has worked with, listing Marie as #1:

“”It was a revolution when she came into my life. Just like Clarence (Öfwerman), she makes my ideas take off. She made my songs have credibility, as if taken from the Bible. She can sing sexy, softly, expressively. Marie is everything.”

Per Gessle’s new album “The Party Crasher” will be released this week.