A night to remember with Marie – Stjärnklart review

The “Stjärnklart” tour with Marie Fredriksson started some days ago in Norrköping, moved to Stockholm this week and goes on to Gothemburg and Malmö in December. Yesterday was, however, a very special day for Marie fans and Marie herself.

The evening started with a Meet & Greet with about 30 fans from Spain, Germany, Russia and Argentina. Marie showed up with  Micke and Oskar and greeted and hugged everyone, and signed everything what was to sign. She was very touched when she got to sign “Strul” single.

Marie explained that she might make an art exhibition in Malmö, and Micke that they have some material in Swedish, but don’t know when it will be released.

After about half an hour, everybody headed to their seats, Marie backstage to get ready for the show. The first song she performed was “Ännu doftar kärlek”. “Never loved a man”, which her fans will remember from the Roxette Unplugged, followed. “The Unplugged version sounds bad compared to how she sang tonight,” tells Txiqui. “Så skimrande var aldrig havet” and “Tro” were also performed. Marie got standing ovations in repeated ocasions. “The best was “Så skimrande”, tells Txiqui, “this one started a capella, and got everybody to stand up.”

More pictures can be found following this link.

1 thought on “A night to remember with Marie – Stjärnklart review”

  1. I was waiting for this pics since…40 minutes ago, hahahah!!! Now, i can go to sleep happy. Thank you very very very much. She looks great in both pics.

    It´s so…it´s wonderful to see her in this way, shining!
    I take my hat off to our dear Marie.

    Kisses from Buenos Aires.

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