2 thoughts on “Marie Fredriksson attends ARN premiere”

  1. Hi Marie, I think you have a beautiful voice! I have been a fan since the late 1980’s. I am so glad that you are enjoying the time with your family now. I think that is something we should all do, instead of getting caught up in our busy lives. Family is everything! Good for you!

  2. Hi Marie!, i´m from Canary Island, esta es la primera vez que escribo a algún cantante/artista por internet. Me gusta mucho tu estilo, tu fuerza, tu coraje, tu carisma. Tienes una responsabilidad en mi xD.
    Te deseo lo mejor y mi mas sincera enhorabuena por poder expresar tu alma con tu voz.
    It means, i´m from Canary Islands,SPAIN. i´m in love with your voice.. 😉 no. with your carism. style or kind of person haha. oh, my english is pathetic. If u need anything in this part of the world; Spain, Seville, Canary Island ANYWHERE!!!.
    Just write me. And if wont. WRITE SOMETHING WHATEVER.,Eres muy grande Mary. Un besotte. PLEASE WRITE ME. xD VAMOSSS!!!

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